2017-2018 Levi & Lace Officers

President – Barbara Standley

Vice President – Sandra Whatley

Treasurer – Martha Painter

Secretary – Caroline Graves

Levis & Lace is a Plus Level Club. The club was founded in 1977-78. The club has about 40 members. We dance the first Friday of each month at the Square Dance Hall at 812 Travis. Our caller is Robert Walker and Taw Pamela Walker.

We offer plus lessons each year for square dancers who have been through the basic lessons. We have danced at convelescent homes and had street dances with other clubs. We participated in "Hands Across America", performed at the Desert Storm Celebration at Memorial Stadium in 1991.

We have held benefit dances for club members who needed help. We have cook outs at members homes. We have christmas parties either at a member home or at Tea rooms.

The club visits other clubs on their dance nights. Member attend State Festivals each year. Some attend National Festivals, the Goose Gang at Lake Texoma, Red River, New Mexico. In 1992 the club hosted the Presidents meeting at the Sheridan Hotel (it is now "The Inn").

In 1988, we made a petti pants quilt, sold tickets for the quilt to make money for the the club. The quilt was won by caller Gary Otwell.


Levi’s & Lace PLUS Level Pajama Party Square Dance Skip Gates Calling

November 7, 2014

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Levis & Lace Dance With Guest Caller Gary Shoemake

August 30, 2012

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Levis & Lace Dance With Guest Caller Nicky Boone

August 3, 2012

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